Moving to D.C. for NRL research internship

I got my orders from the NRL commanding officer, so I’m off to D.C.! Now you can imagine how much fun it is to find an apartment with less than 30 days notice. Especially when it will be sight unseen. I was recommended a furnished apartment complex, but it cost more than my entire semester stipend. Not for me.

I found a moderate building in an excellent neighborhood; everything online I can find looks good so I’m going with it. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out including confirmation of income and a background check. I’ve never rented before so this is new to me. I’m glad they carefully vet even short-term residents, that’s a good sign. Phone is included so I guess I’ll get dialup (!) internet.

  • For taxes/license I’m there less than half the year so that’s all good.
  • mail on long-term scheduled forward

And I’ll finally use that hitch for a trailer with a Uhaul sport trailer–pretty neat. Got the CB Radio setup again to keep me vigilant and alert on the long haul drive. Stopping halfway, about 300 miles a day is a good limit with a Uhaul trailer behind.