Blackberry transition from Nextel

I rewarded myself for maintaining overall 4.0 GPA keeping that Honors spirit going. The 2007 summer intern season looks to be even more promising than the awesome summer 2006–designing and building a new type of radar from coffee cans and improving upon a patented harmonic radar antenna.

Switching away from Nextel to 3G

I broke nearly a decade of service with Nextel to get 3G service. Nextel has been reconfiguring sites, not to the advantage of current users I can say. It feels very weird to have my first phone without an external antenna! Previously I would even get adapters for every phone to connect an external antenna for better coverage in the cottage or car. I didn’t always use them, and especially lately with better coverage on campus.

I am a little exuberant over the speed and smoothness of EVDO for web browsing. It’s vastly improved from browsing mobile websites in 2001! I fill my time between classes catching up on prices and email. Sometimes in class too.

High earning before college

It’s a weird feeling knowing despite how much education I get I will likely as not never earn working what I did before. Yet to make the connections I need, I need the credentials. This is going to take nearly another decade but I feel like earning money clicking a mouse just isn’t quite enough stimulation for what I can do.

Radar school outreach

I have demonstrated my coffee can radar to schools and kids are amazed since they never considered engineering to be so cool. I feel so many are discouraged in some way from STEM fields. While I don’t compare to the difficulties many have to overcome, digging through trash for radios and TVs to fix ultimately leading me to where I am today is something a people with the aptitude could achieve, if they can connect with a mentor. I struggled so long without a mentor, or negative mentors and I’m sure others don’t even have that much.

Sure we’ve had SourceForge and Google Code, but the average person just doesn’t find their way there–at most to download a pre-compiled program. I don’t think everyone should have to follow exactly the same path to a STEM career–certainly mine would be far from duplicable. We have to have a way to awaken people to their inner potential, once I did it’s like I wasted three to four years of my life, despite them being very financially lucrative. Intellectually, I could have done a lot more. I still have time.