GNU Radio 3.8 talk at GRCon 2017

  • No specific target date was given for GNU Radio 3.8
  • but work is progressing well ~ 80% of the way to release
  • need people to test python3 branch!

GNU Radio series e.g. 3.7 are supported for about 2 years. This means that old and obsolete libraries are required, which can become frustrating as a new release is awaited (as we are for GR 3.8)

GR 3.8 is ripping out 10 lines of code for every 1 line of code replaced. Multi-year old bugs were never found due to sheer size of codebase.

GNU Radio Conference 2016 presentation talk slides (link was down):

  • GR 3.8 is now running on python3 branch, except for GUI elements of GRC. About 20 developers.
  • Key GR 3.8 contributors include: Tom Rondeau, Sean Nolan, Andy Walls, Nick Foster, Sebastian Koslowski, Seth Hitefield, Doug Anderson
  • 3.7.11 final release of 3.7, will have deprecation notes for 3.8.
  • GR 3.7 had ~40 developers.

Changes for GNU Radio 3.8:

  • GUI separated from non-GUI code generation
  • GRC file format moves from XML to YaML–much easier to read and modify
  • C++ changes minimized in 3.8
  • C++11
  • Python 3 support
  • mako replacing obsolete, unmaintained python-cheetah
  • removing wxGUI
  • GTK2 removed, replaced by QT5, GTK3

Future (vision beyond 3.8):

  • migration of architecture to heterogenous/distributed, away from single PC run model
  • move GRC from being Python script generator to realtime flowgraph development environment
  • make connections to DSPs, etc. more like RFNoC–an abstract block.
  • move to client/server model, REST-like interface. Parts of flowgraph can reside anywhere in world as appropriate.
  • future of GRC: like GDB for flowgraphs. Attach to running system.