GNU Octave for Windows on Linux using WINE

Why would one install GNU Octave for Windows on a Linux system using WINE?  To test my expanduser() program for Matlab/Octave.

GNU Octave for Windows does work on Linux with WINE 1.7.50 at least partially.

Octave on WINE bugs: the command line (CLI) opens up Octave, but hangs upon executing any command (doesn’t work). You can try this by typing in your Linux Terminal (after installing Octave for Windows in WINE)

cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Octave/Octave-4*/bin
wine octave.exe --no-gui

However, the GUI does work, but uses 100% of one CPU core for me, even though Octave isn’t doing anything. You can run programs in this mode.

cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Octave/Octave-4*/bin
wine octave.exe