Gmail IMAP delete to Archive instead of Trash

A peculiarity in Gmail with non-Android mobile devices with an IMAP connection was that emails deleted from the mobile device might go to Trash (risking permanent deletion), rather than going to All Mail for long term archiving.

Corporate Gmail users should consider battery-efficient and prompt Exchange ActiveSync instead of the process below.


The glitch comes in where you activate a non-Android device on Gmail but don’t have IMAP enabled in your Gmail settings webpage. For BB10 devices, the email will work, but clicking Trash or Delete on the Blackberry puts the email in Trash instead of Archive/All Mail. If you’d rather have the email be Archived, consider the following:

  1. Enable IMAP on the Gmail webpage under Settings > POP/IMAP Download
  2. Select the following:
  • Auto-Expunge off - Wait for the client to update the server.
  • Archive the message (default)