Solar eclipses and other transitions

The non-total eclipse today (May 10, 1994) was quite something to behold and won’t be beat for a long time. I have been tied up with work (!) and school and so I really didn’t make any science experiment for the eclipse.

Getting grades for a scholarship to private school is something I see as a positive form of liberation and realization of my potential. With all love to my hometown, I do need to strike out to wider horizons to do what I’m capable of doing.

For now, I have a solid income stream from repairing TVs, VCRs, stereos, radios. At home I don’t compete with work, but I do still take items from refuse day, clean, fix and resell. With this digital tuning craze, people seem to forget it’s the analog amplifier portion that’s important, not how the VCO is generated! Analog tuning in quality radios is more than stable. Why not a little romantic incandescent glow from that Marantz tuner.

I mean really! Ditching a Marantz 4300 because you have to spin your wrist instead of push a button!? Well, that’s a hefty profit for me, no complaints.

I’ve started typing up and photocopying price lists to post. Despite driving being a few years away, I can coordinate with parents to do a meetup for sales/trades.

Almost no one here goes to college. I have to have some way to pay for it. As I consider high school in the years ahead, I know I will have much tougher competition against doctor’s and lawyer’s kids who may have had private school already. Just being clever won’t be enough. Trouble is, I do see where there is so much earning potential, I want to get enough flexibility so that I’m not locked into needing a degree nor suffering if I choose to delay.

I use a spreadsheet to track parts inventory and I think it’s time I actually start to compute some budgets. With interest rates what they are and have been, buying only what’s needed and not on credit is more important than ever.

In a way I glean the fields of what people discard, but for profit instead of survival as in earlier times and other places today. For that I’m deeply grateful.