Club Quarters Manhattan hotel review

Club Quarters has 6 Manhattan locations along with presences in other major US cities and London. They provide excellent value and location for business and personal travelers as a city launchpad.

Free chilled refillable water bottles are provided.


The rollaway bed they provide was perhaps the most comfortable rollaway I’ve slept in. The sofa bed is suitable for (and complimented by) younger children, but is perhaps too hard for adults. The standard room bed I found adequately comfortable.


The soundproofing job seems quite well done. I could leave the HVAC fans off and not be bothered by city noise.


Assa Abloy NFC Keycard is required during nighttime hours to gain lobby access. It reports as NXP MiFARE Ultralight.


Full digital TV that actually works! A real rarity even in business hotels. No half-cocked analog fuzzy channels run through a digital system, just true high-definition digital throughout.

TV supports Chromecast AND Miracast!

In a really laudable manner, the in-room TVs support Miracast and Chromecast. There is also Airplay for Apple users.

TV Apps

The TVs all have the well-working apps, supporting HD resolution: * Netflix * hulu * spotify * YouTube * Amazon Video * Pandora

You can use the on-screen mouse to click the trash can in the lower right of the TV screen to logout of all accounts.

TV remote

Appears to be RF-based, individual to each TV. Has sensors to allow inertial or gyro-based mouse control.


As with the rest of the hotel, Club Quarters has well thought out features for their prime market–business travelers.

Free printing

You can “secure” print for free and pick up your printout in the business center.


The Club Quarters Wifi with Aruba hardware is superb. Despite the urban Club Quarters locations I get nearly maximum possible throughput (considering signal strength). It appears they are use band-steering (good).

My laptop Wifi card is capable of 80 MHz maximum, and that’s what I connected at: 80 MHz, short Guard Interval, MCS-9 dual-stream at the maximum 866.7 Mbps that my 2x2 Wifi hardware is capable of.

Linux Wifi speed test showed about 170 Mbps downlink, 180 Mbps uplink using Club Quarters Wifi at -60 dBm signal, link quality 5070, across several tests. As you should know, Wifi data rate is strongly proportional to SNR (desired signal strength / interference signal strength).

I obtained these numbers from


iw dev wlan0 station dump