Blackberry Hub advantages and setup

Blackberry Hub+ covers most business communication needs, including

  • primary work and personal email and multiple calendars
  • Slack, Skype, Twitter, SMS, LinkedIn
  • notification email addresses

Vital features include:

  • reply to emails from Wear OS smartwatch
  • use distinct signatures for replies and forwards
  • encrypted email SMIME


  • Eliminate duplicate calendar notifications: Android Settings → Accounts → Google and disable sync Calendar for each account. Leave the Blackberry Hub+ calendar sync enabled of course.



I wish Blackberry Hub+ supported Outlook “Other” and Archiving in general. I get a lot of email from constantly changing groups of collaborators, students, and future prospects. Not to mention the avalanche of receipts, reminders, newsletters, and notifications.

  • Google Inbox is pretty good at sorting Priority / Inbox / Low Priority / Spam email
  • Microsoft Office separates email into Focused / Other / Spam.
  • Blackberry Hub+ has only 2 levels of email: general/spam.

Outlook for Android app can recognize Priority vs. All email, and I wish Blackberry Hub+ would do so.